Of late, life has been slow and predictable for Simon because of the continually increasing lockdowns. The stringent stay-at-home orders have added to his anxiety and financial stress. Life has become monotonous with WFH trickling in bits and pieces because of the pandemic. In such a scenario, a very recent summary by Bethany Gomez has made Simon sit up and take notice. Brightfield Group has conducted a poll to find out the new purchase patterns of CBD consumers after the virus struck. The report established that 39 percent of regular CBD customers were using more CBD products while following the stay-at-home orders inflicted on them. 

The poll also referred to a trend that shed light on the most avid users of THC free CBD oil. A large percentage of CBD users – almost 49 percent – comprised of the young lot and millennials. Market watchers are taking notice because these segments of customers are more knowledgeable and research-friendly than their older counterparts. As per the poll, the use of CBD products is expected to reach higher figures in the months and weeks ahead. The crisis brought about by COVID-19 has given birth to new solutions for home-bound consumers. They are in the form of self-care CBD products that are THC free!

Coronavirus & CBD Oil Products

Interestingly, there’s a visible boost in social media posts and website searches related to CBD. The link of this invaluable organic compound and coronavirus is understandable. Self-care is the primary concern for most citizens undergoing self-isolation or quarantine. They are indulging in all possible helpful products to pass the time, keep their sanity intact, and ensure overall physical and mental health. All this and more have added to the increase in sales of CBD oil in Michigan and other states in the USA. 

Anxiety has increased During the Pandemic.

Simon is not the only one going through increased stress levels and anxiety pangs these days. According to a salesperson at a reputed CBD oil Michigan dispensary, the quantum of CBD products flying off the racks has shot up in the last four weeks or so. The OTC bills issued to buyers comprise mainly of those citing heightened anxiety as their primary concern. This ailment has been reported by over 53 percent of consumers. The other concerns faced by people during the pandemic are depression and insomnia. Sleep disorders and overall gloomy feelings have made CBD consumers look around for related products. Health and wellness portals are propagating the goodness of CBD oil like never before. 

Legalization of Cannabis Use in Michigan 

Up-to-date information is now available for residents of Michigan desirous of purchasing CBD products online or from their nearest dispensary. The recreational usage of cannabis in Michigan was passed via Proposal 1 at the far end of 2018. Before that, stringent laws were in place for marijuana and hemp products in the state. The history of cannabis laws in Michigan has been confusing for residents. Fortunately, legalities around this herb have found credence for medicinal purposes. This has come as a boon for people looking for a respite from pain, inflammation, and relief from Parkinson's and anxiety during the pandemic. 

CBD: You Get No High!

As per research reports on cannabis, there are more than a hundred compounds present in marijuana plants. THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, brings the ‘high’ that cannabis is so famous for. Unlike THC, CBD does not alter the mental state of its users. This the reason why consumers are purchasing THC-free CBD oil without worrying about any health disturbances. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are being used in a big way to provide relief from pain. Many other medicinal therapies related to CBD are under process. As per experts in CBD products, CBD is the most useful cannabinoid that can be purchased and used by consumers in the state. 

Benefits of CBD for Consumers During Covid-19 Lockdown

The primary benefits of CBD that have come to the fore include the following properties:


- Neuro-protectant

- Muscle relaxant

- Anti-inflammatory

- Relief from anxiety

- Relief from Parkinson's Disease

- Pain relief, etc.

These properties of CBD are obtaining a lot of credibility with research publications documents. With more knowledge permeating into health circles, patients are taking control of simple and some complex health conditions in natural ways. 

Marijuana – Distribution Norms

Once the laws for CBD use were passed in Michigan, there was a steady and rapid increase in the number of patients who are qualified to take it. Given the increase in demand, new distribution strategies are being put in place by CBD businesses. Most of these businesses are with regulatory frameworks.  Without coming in the way of law enforcement agencies. They are being distributed and sold to authorized customers only. Now, ‘usable marijuana equivalents,’ which are CBD products infused with hemp and cannabis-like gummies, oils, lip balms, etc. are permitted for consumption by users in Michigan. 

Online Buying of CBD 0il in Michigan

Most sellers and manufacturers of CBD operate from e-commerce platforms. The virtual space has something in it from the manufacturers of CBD. These products are usually made of THC free CBD oil and are accessible to qualified buyers. These outlets have smart delivery systems in place for the sound distribution of their products. These days, there’s no dearth of CBD products that can be ordered online.  They can be requested from the comfort of offices, workspaces, and homes to meet the needs of their buyers. 

Way Forward

The effects and jolts caused by the pandemic are far from over. The aftermath of the virus striking large parts of the globe will keep coming to the fore. In all this, consumers of CBD products are retaining their sanity with helpful organic compounds like CBD and CBD oil THC free products. Get a strong grip on your anxiety and stress levels by investing in proven and research-backed products—Wade out of these troubled waters with the best solutions in place. Think CBD; you will not be disappointed with the results. 

Remain safe and healthy!