CBD oil is gaining popularity around the world as a wellness and lifestyle product. This wonder oil, prized for its various therapeutic as well as healing properties, is finding a place on shelves of many households. The relaxing properties of CBD oil are encouraging even those people who are not suffering from any health issues to embrace this product. After the legalization of CBD Oil in Michigan, there has been an increase in demand and sale of this wonder product.
CBD or Cannabidiol, as we know, is obtained from the flowers and buds of the hemp plant. CBD does not contain THC or TetraHydroCannabinol, the compound that is responsible for causing the high of Marijuana. THC free CBD oil is safe for consumption and effective in providing relief in chronic conditions. 
Michigan has the optimal agricultural as well as production facilities needed for the hemp plant. In the year 1983, the then administration of the state of Michigan had legally banned the growth of Hemp in their state. All that changed in 2018 with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. It is now legal to cultivate Hemp and produce and sell CBD products.
It is now legal to sell and buy CBD oil in Michigan with the legalization of the hemp industry. CBD oil in Michigan extracted from Hemp and containing less than 0.3% is also considered legal. The bill has encouraged several players to enter the market and explore untapped opportunities. In the state of Michigan, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for overseeing all the activities related to hemp production and distribution.
CBD Oil:
CBD is available in many forms, one of the most common beings in the form of an oil. CBD oil is produced by extracting CBD from the Hemp plant and mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

Why is there a demand for CBD oil in Michigan:
CBD oil is a much-in-demand product in Michigan state. This demand is due to the many advantages that CBD oil provides to its users. Let us quickly see some of the common uses of CBD oil.
CBD oil is very good at relieving pain and inflammation with minimum side effects. Those suffering from chronic pain can find a lot of relief with the use of CBD oil.
This wonder oil can relax the mind and calm the nerves. Prescription medication for anxiety and depression causes many side effects, including long term dependency. CBD oil can produce this kind of relief with minimum or no side effects.
CBD oil can produce significant relief from skin condition Acne. CBD oil reduces the over-production of sebum. This, combined with the anti-inflammatory properties, provides an overall relief from the state of Acne.
Interestingly, CBD oil can be helpful to patients who are going through nicotine and drug withdrawals.
CBD oil can also regulate sleep patterns, improve appetite, and thereby help in the improvement of the overall metabolism of a person.
Patients suffering from cancers and tumors and going through chemotherapy can benefit from the use of CBD oils.
In what ways can I use CBD oil?
There are four ways of consuming CBD oil.
1. Inhaling or vaping
2. Capsule ingestion
3. External Skin application
4. Sub-lingual or under the tongue
So, Is CBD Oil Legal in Michigan?
The answer to this question may not be that simple. There are still a few grey areas with regards to the legality of CBD oils, which the administration is planning to sort out. We know so far that the farm bill of 2018 has legalized the production and processing of the hemp plant in Michigan. CBD oils that are obtained from hemp plants and contain THC of less than 0.3% are considered legal.
CBD Oil has to fulfill the following conditions to be considered legal:
THC should be less than 0.3%
Plants that form the source of the CBD oil must be grown by a state-licensed farmer
Plants must comply with the rules laid by federal and state legislations.
Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card to buy CBD Oil in Michigan?
People buying Marijuana obtained from the Marijuana Plant for medical purposes will need a medical marijuana card. This is because most of the states in the US consider Marijuana as a banned legal drug, and so buying any product of Marijuana would require a medical marijuana card. However, since the 2018 Farm Bill has reclassified Hemp and separated it from Marijuana, you can now buy THC free CBD oil in Michigan without a medical marijuana card.
Do I need to have a prescription to buy CBD oil in Michigan?
As of now, a CBD oil that has THC levels of less than 0.3% or a THC free CBD oil does not require a prescription. Many outlets now see CBD oils over-the-counter. You can also buy 100% THC free CBD oils from these outlets without a prescription.
Where can I buy THC free CBD oil in Michigan?
You can buy hemp-derived THC free CBD oil in Michigan at several places like gas stations, video stores, hair salons, head shops, smoke shops, and vape shops. You can also buy 100% THC-free CBD Oils from an e-Commerce store. This is a very convenient and efficient way of buying CBD oils in Michigan.
What should I keep in mind while buying CBD oil in Michigan?
Hemp-based CBD oil in Michigan is legal, and you can buy it over-the-counter.
As of now, no laws are regulating the quality of sale of over-the-counter CBD oils.
Look for certified sellers and retailers to buy CBD oils.
All the retailers and sellers may not meet the exact dosage requirements as per the labeling. You can research and look for sellers who are known to be honest in matching the product with their labeling.
So, what’s my take away from all of this? Well, it is legal to buy 100% THC free CBD oil in Michigan. You do not require prescriptions or a Marijuana card to buy CBD oil in Michigan. Due to its popularity and advantages, a lot of retailers are stocking CBD oil, and the products are flying off the shelves. Just be sure to do your bit of research and rely on word-of-mouth to decide which THC free CBD Oil in Michigan is the best for you.