Every year, changing seasons bring with them their specific woes. One of the most concerning things that take place is the chapping of lips, lip sores, dry lips, and other related issues that call for immediate relief and attention. Thankfully, help can be readily availed in the form of lip balms. While there’s absolutely no dearth of products to choose from, users swear by the long-lasting impact of CBD lip balm benefits. A hot commodity in online and offline markets across the globe, lip balms created from CBD oil are garnering more satisfied customers every day. 

Here, we intend to take you through a quick rundown of the many benefits and effects of CBD lip balms to help your cause. 

An Overview of CBD Lip Balm Effects

In comparison to regular and traditional balms for lips, the ones infused with CBD oil boast of additional benefits. As per experts in dermatology, a high-quality CBD hemp oil product would comprise of different anti-oxidant properties. Lip balms are also the same. Additionally, the anti-bacterial properties of CBD are worth a try. Very helpful for cold and windy conditions, this go-to product made of CBD, cannabidiol, is proving to be an organic choice for many. 

The Talk Behind CBD oil-based Beauty Care Items

CBD hemp oil-containing beauty products are gaining worldwide recognition. However, they are likely to be confused with specific marijuana-derived CBD products that are far more potent than the CBD hemp oil ones. Given this, it is essential to understand that hemp and marijuana may be attributed to the same plant family but have different effects and benefits. 

Cannabis Sativa, the plant family to which these two sub-species belong, have almost the same appearance. The difference lies in the constituents of commercial hemp oil. For instance, if you dive into CBD lip balm benefits and what it’s made of, you’ll realize that it barely contains any THC. Even if there are slight traces of the same, it will account for barely .3 percent per dry unit. This effectively means that regardless of how much you munch or smoke on the lip balm, you’re not likely to get any sort of high!

In other words, using a CBD chapstick or the application of CBD balm will not mess up with your state of mind. This is true even if you’re in the habit of licking on your lips regularly. 

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Causes of Dry and Chapped Lips: Why do You Need a CBD Lip Balm?

Severely dry or chapped lips can come your way because of these factors:

  • Extreme environmental conditions - Very high or low temperatures, dry and hot long-drawn weather conditions, wind, or freezing conditions are unavoidable. The solution to the adversities inflicted by them lies in using a CBD lip balm. 

  • Dehydration, or the absence of enough water in the body, causes improper functioning of various metabolic functions. Often caused due to the intake of too much coffee, excess alcohol consumption, tannins in red wine and teas, sugary drinks, etc. dehydration can cause severe lip problems. 

  • Vitamin B, iron, and zinc deficiencies, the reason behind cracked lips, dry spots, and rashes on the skin are making users move to the goodness of CBD lip balm effects. Drugs and supplements, such as antihistamines, chemotherapy medication, or retinoids/lithium supplementation, can also lead to cracked lips.

  • The lack of sun protection products can cause UV damage – Dryness and inflammation in the lips. 

Constant licking of lips also makes them run dry, thereby necessitating the use of a CBD lip balm at the earliest. 

CBD Lip Balm Benefits

Regular use of a CBD-oil infused lip balm can take good care of your chapped and dried up lips. Any excess inflammation or flaking can be arrested with long and continuous usage of this beauty product. 

Lip balms with CBD oil can cure the soreness, bleeding, or swelling caused to your lips because of any of the other above-mentioned or other reasons. The effects of diseases and ailments, which impact the dryness and moisture levels in your lips, can also be effectively combatted with a CBD-oil lip balm. 

Invest in CBD Lip Balms

An interesting thing to note about lip balms is that all of them are not created to impart similar results. While some are less impactful than CBD lip balms, others may not produce the desired results at all. Some lip balms, especially those of questionable quality, may also cause harm rather than any good. Under the circumstances, it certainly makes good sense to take the right precautions before its too late. Don’t let your lips get too dry or flaky. Invest in a good-quality CBD lip balm right away and keep smiling – just the way you do!