For an avid reader and a 420 enthusiast, terms like CBD and THC are not new. They get to hear these terms a lot. And by a lot, it means, like tons of times. But, the thing with these terms is, most of the people know very little about these compounds besides that THC gets them high and CBD doesn’t.

With the already prevailing misconceptions, genuinely understanding what 100% THC free CBD oil would mean a considerable leap forth. But, before leaping, it’d be better to understand what these essential oils are and where do they come from!

So, what does CBD oil mean?

Most of the regular tokers and cannabis experts would know the difference between marijuana and hemp. While the former contains higher concentrations of euphoric substances and is more commonly used for recreational purposes, the latter refers to the medical strains. Although both the plants belong to the prime cannabis family, they differ only in terms of THC concentration.

CBD oils are usually extracted from hemp plants, which contain no more than 0.3% THC. Often, the extraction process also withdraws several other compounds along with CBD from the hemp. Further processing and crystalization can provide with ultra-pure CBD crystals.

NOTE: It’d be foolhardy to believe that there’s absolutely no trace of any impurity or other substances in the extracts.

Does it mean we have 100%THC free CBD oil?

Well, the process isn’t over yet. The crystals are not suitable for consumption as such. They are usually dissolved in fatty solutions, as water cannot dissolve CBD crystals. At this point, it is noteworthy that the extracts without purification are often known as full-spectrum extracts. Or, more commonly, as full-spectrum CBD oil.

However, the pure CBD extracts when diluted with terpenes and fatty oils such as MCT make isolated CBD oils. It is indeed this most refined form of just CBD extracts from the cannabis plant that is known as THC free CBD oil since the traces of other cannabinoids are rare to absolute none. It also means that whatever it is that CBD helps with, it can now alleviate it more effectively.

But why only THC free CBD oil?

Well, some experts may suggest that a full-spectrum CBD oil is better than the isolated ones. And they also support the theory by quoting the entourage principle. It essentially means that all the compounds from the cannabis plant work in harmony to treat the ailments.

However, the rest of the mavens believe that using a more targeted substance to hit the right spot can bring in better results. In other words, using CBD with minimal inhibitions from other cannabinoids can improve the effectiveness of the medicines.

Now, it is no wonder that the difference between the effects that THC and CBD have on human bodies is pretty much divergent. While one gets the user high, the other soothes his/her nerves. Both substances work in opposite directions.

Essentially, it also means that using both in combination to deal with medical issues such as anxiety and Parkinson's disease can produce unpredictable results. Therefore, it is best to use only 100% THC free CBD oil and other products for health remedies.

If it’s THC free, it’s high-free

Since there are minimal or no traces of the euphoric THC in the isolates, it means that the consumer won’t feel any high. It also means that the consumer can use CBD oil without compromising their work.

Can target the ailing tissues

Without any hurdles from THC or any other cannabinoid, CBD can be better administered into the patient. For instance, using tinctures helps the active compounds hit the bloodstream within moments and that too without causing any side-effects.

Study the behavior of ECS

Another possible benefit of using only the pure CBD oil is that it can help with further studies of the Endocannabinoid System. The knowledge about this particular bodily system is pretty amateur, and to grow our understanding, it necessary to study it more.

Soothe pain and help with sleep

Besides the studies, it is already known that CBD is helpful with pain alleviation and also curbing insomnia. So, there’s no harm in using THC free CBD oil to help soothe joint pains, muscular pains, and even sore backs. CBD is also great at helping with skin problems.

So, what’s the deal?

THC free CBD oil is not only used for producing tinctures, although they are the most popular product in the market. Perhaps, there are other derivatives of the oil that include a variety of topical balms and creams. Depending upon the state laws and medical governance, anyone can buy these products. However, it would be better to consult your doctor before you buy any such drug from a dispensary.