2020 started with a bang for CBD. The first quarter was booming, with sales hitting skywards. Be it the innocent CBD lip balm, other beauty products, or oils for medicinal therapies, the demand for CBD products reached unprecedented heights this year. 

And then the pandemic struck! 

While the first few weeks reduced the demand for CBD products, the scene became different later on. With stay-at-home measures tightening their noose, there were some marked changes in CBD consumer behavior. Pharmacies and dispensaries had to brace themselves to handle the high demand of THC free CBD oil products. 

It’s not only about the sale of CBD in Michigan. Other states also notched higher sales with anxiety and stress-related symptoms dominating Lockdown health problems. Social media platforms and health forums were a buzz with talks about the goodness of CBD. With credible information floating about, it became easier for severe users to find where to buy CBD oil in Michigan and beyond. 

And this was not all. 

Over time, health practitioners and medical experts are now providing deep insights into the anti-inflammatory and other pain-reducing properties of CBD. Trending on top of the charts of most-wanted stress relievers, the demand for CBD products has increased manifolds. Most importantly, the beauty and healthcare sectors in the country have taken notice of the useful compound found in its organic state in cannabis. CBD has become a vital ingredient for products like chapsticks, lip balms, body lotions, anti-aging creams, and so forth. 

Michigan has a history of changing regulations when we talk about hemp and cannabis. The state has been lauded for its foresightedness and research. However, the population being less-than progressive, cannabis laws have always been strict in Michigan. In 2018, the passing of a proposal legalizing the sale of CBD for medicinal and adult usage came as a surprise for many. Besides, the introduction of an industrial hemp pilot project brought CBD products into the limelight. Currently, the legal framework is quite CBD-friendly – much to the delight of those stuck at home because of the pandemic. 

The challenges faced by CBD product manufacturers and sellers in the state have led to constant changes in the rulebook. New ideas and strategies are being brainstormed upon to steer the growth of the hemp product industry. The questions arising in the minds of prospective buyers, such as those who wish to buy a CBD lip balm, are being answered accurately. All these positive steps, and progressive legislative paths, have made Michigan a more resourceful place for CBD users. 

In the recent past, the regulatory frameworks for medicinal, recreational, and other cannabis products have been modified to suit the needs of all. CBD products are lining the racks in hair salons, Michigan gas stations, video stores, and major retail outlets. 

With CBD products available with ease, consumers are now free to select what they need based on health claims on packaging. Positive word-of-mouth testimonials are adding to the credibility of CBD beauty and healthcare products, such as a CBD lip balm or chapstick. In-depth research and experimentation are guiding the ingredients labels that are generally accurate and reliable. 

Points to Know Before Buying CBD

Before finding where to buy CBD oil in Michigan, or what to buy, you may want to know these salient points about CBD. 

CBD —How does it work? What is it?

CBD has its origin in the cannabis Sativa plant. As per the latest research reports, it is touted as a natural remedy for Parkinson's,  depression, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, etc. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the compound that causes intoxication in users, is different from CBD. THC produces the ‘high’ mental state that’s attributed to marijuana. 

The health benefits of CBD are aplenty. A lot of research is still underway to add more credence to CBD’s benefits for pets and humans. As the study is slow and far-spaced, users are always eager to know about the latest benefits of CBD as and when they unfold. The good news is that researchers are talking aloud about the goodness of CBD. Still, definitive and long-term studies are awaited to confirm the different properties and benefits for the conditions. 

CBD – Effect on Rare Seizures

The FDA has given its approval to a singular drug that contains CBD for treating rare types of seizures. Clinical trials are still in the process of testing the other benefits to handle post-traumatic stress disorders in military veterans. In 2017, there was broad-scale testing performed on 84 CBD products. In most products, the ingredients were depicted correctly on the labels. Hemp experts, CBD retailers, verified the accuracy in labeling, and health professionals to establish their credibility. For instance, millions of dollars have already been invested in finding the utility of CBD oils to streamline sleep disorders. Research is also on for products that can reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures in kids and veterans. Besides, health specialists are recommending the use of CBD oil containing products to alleviate pain and inflammation. Be it for the treatment of skin blisters, dryness of lips, or other skin disorders, and there’s plentiful research in the offing for CBD products sold in online and regular stores. 

Good News!

Countless consumer testimonials and early research suggest that THC free CBD oil is almost risk-free if taken in low doses. Even though researchers are still working on the goodness of CBD as a nutritional supplement, its dosing is on the rise. A wide range of CBD products, such as additives for coffee and tea, are coming to the fore. The idea is to choose the right product, one that works well for you. So, get ready to scan the QR codes of CBD health and beauty products. Not sure how much to take? Finding the right proportion of CBD can be tricky. You may want to start by testing different CBD products - to know what will suit you the best, and in what quantity. 

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